The Event You Don’t Want To Miss

Ahh, I see you’ve made your way here…..welcome!

If you own a local business I’m glad I’ve cought your attention! Keep reading!

If you are a visitor…..share this blog post with everyone you know 🙂

If  you know it or not.. we’ve met. I’ve eaten at your restaurant, I’ve noshed on treats from your bakery, I’ve bought something from your shop or we’ve met through all things local. There’s something on my blog about you or your stuff has made an appearance at Deliciously Bitchy Night In.

“What is that?”  you ask…. it’s a pretty amazing night of all things food and drink! Think local only potluck. Each guest has brought a dish to share from their favourite place and we fill our faces and stomachs with delicious goodness in the support of all the places Brantfordians (and surrounding areas) have to offer in this fine city.

The first #dbni was a surprising turnout of about 22 people, not bad considering I had in my head a couple of friends might show. The second #dbni “Let’s Eat Out” grew by just a bit….ok double. I was fortunate enough to have the local pizza spot Maria’s Pizza and Pastry West donate her establishment which in turn meant a bigger space. I had to set a limit on the number of people and had a few upset that didn’t make the cut.  This time around I’m hoping to find a larger space to accommodate everyone….nobody gets turned away!

So why did I invite you here to read my ramblings?  Well, for #3 I’ve set my sights a bit higher still.

I have visioned this growing into is a mini food show. I am welcoming you to come set up a small table and show off the best of your wares. The difference,  there is no cost to you. Only the food you bring and your time. If you aren’t interested in setting up, come….meet the people that eat your food, socialize and talk to the people that spend their hard earned moola on you. Don’t want to do that either? Send a platter of food, I will gladly pick up and thank you in person.  Would you consider a prize donation? Everything I do is completely funded by myself or donated and I give everything away, nothing is kept for me. I do this because I love to eat and I have a small sewing business of my own so I am fully aware of how important customers and shopping local is.

If you aren’t on this wonderful social media train yet….you’d better get on. With over 1000 combined followers on 3 different platforms and growing everyday…..the reach of my posts is easily seen by thousands.  That’s thousands of people seeing free exposure for you simply because I love you 🙂

So what do you say?

Check out Instagram,  Facebook and Twitter see what you think.

#thingsilearnedfromdeliciouslybitchy #deliciouslybitchynightin

#eatlocal #drinklocal #shoplocal we all know it’s important,  now show your customers how much you care!

I can not WAIT to hear from you –

*please note, I’m still researching free venus but I have to get the ball rolling somehow!*



  1. thecrimsonskyblog · January 16, 2017

    If it’s a date that I am available, I would love to take part! I am a jewellery maker from Brantford. Would love a table and I’ll definitely donate!


    • deliciouslybitchy · January 16, 2017

      I’m sorry, as much as I support all local, this particular event is food based. I haven’t set a date yet as I’m researching venus but it would be great if you could join as a guest!


      • thecrimsonskyblog · January 17, 2017

        I am interested! I’ll keep my eye out for a date. I do love trying new foods

        Liked by 1 person

      • deliciouslybitchy · March 13, 2017

        Have you been following along on Facebook or Instagram? There is an official event page for this now!


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