This mug


This mug speaks volumes as to what I need to learn.

I am fully convinced social media was created purely to make others feel like shite.  It’s far too easy to compare yourself to others based on the amount of “likes” alone. The craving for more of these hollow “likes” always makes you feel less.

THAT blogger has an amazing following and some how has managed to turn a fun project into a blazing reality of popularity….where ever they go it’s like “NORM” from Cheers. THAT sewer has a huge following and is a Maker and goes to all the vendor shows and can’t keep up with production and sends out products all over the world on a daily basis.  These are the ultimate goals…right?!

I am fully aware I will never become “Norm” and although I don’t want to put a value on my sewing business, I don’t have high hopes of becoming one of the well knowns. My reality is that neither of these “ultimate goals” currently fit in to my life.

I am polar opposites to my husband in food and drinks. Our tastes are totally different. I like having 1 really good, well made local beer…..he enjoys a few that go down like water. I love watching The Food Network,  he enjoys any station relating to sports. He’s full on 10 on the heat/spicy scale….I’m a total 0. Opposites clearly attract in “real” life (our 10th anniversary is coming but a total of 17 years together) but for the life of a food blogger….I’m limited. I don’t get chances to go to events or places I would like to because not only him but my friends too, aren’t typically in to beer. (Food shows are another story!) It’s also hard to find time to get together when we all have to arrange for sitters!

As a sewer, I’ve created a little business to keep me busy. I have my own room to create in but I am usually staring at Minecraft toys or video game cases or cutting around the growing population of stuffies amongst the ever present distraction of “Mom, I’m hungry” “Mom, the computer won’t work” “Mom, come look in the toilet”(I’m sure that’s his fave)  and the classic “Mom, watch me!” I can’t sew for more than 1 full quiet hour and usually only get in some solid sewing in the early morning hours before we head out to keep occupied with kid friendly events or friends.

I need this mug as a reminder that I need to work within my means and that my regular followers like what I do. I can’t compare myself to the foodie world traveler or the Maker with no child that sews for 12 hours straight. I started both of these adventures for me. I expected nothing but I have gained supporters and regulars, some which have become real life friends.

Deliciously Bitchy is popular because it’s honest. What you see is what I got. I don’t stage my plate and I’m completely honest in every word.

My sewing is popular because the stuff I create is freaking great! I make my own patterns and come up with original ideas! My quality has improved tremendously from when I started over 4 years ago.

My page “likes” grow by a few each week which is great. I refuse to pay for Facebook to decide who will see my pages, I rely purely on word of mouth.

My stuff is good and I’m having fun! Neither of these were created to go somewhere, they were created because I love it!

 I need to learn to stop comparing myself to others…..

THEY should compare themselves to me!