Quit Slacking and make Sh!t Happen


Nothing is going to happen until I make it happen.

So far the response to Deliciously Bitchy Night In has been great! I instantly had restaurants on board, I have secured a location and I have the interest and total support from my followers.

Now is the time to put this together and make it happen!

If you already know about this event…..great! The good news is there is a willing and able location, a tentative date in my head, 6 foodie places on board **edit: 8 places**with this new idea willing to come/donate and I have a couple of local groups coming to share what they do for our local community. Sit tight, the invite is coming….get your calendar ready and your mind set on eating and drinking some pretty awesome beer (hint, hint…location)

If you know nothing about me or what I’m doing…welcome! I am a local foodie who started an adventure based on my family’s love of food and eating out. The more local the better but if you serve me great food, I’m in! I call it as I see it which is the draw to most of my followers. Sometimes you won’t even notice me there, sorry to be sneaky but it’s all about the experience. The pictures I take are how it comes, I don’t style it, move it or disturb it in any way. Sometimes if it’s delicious enough, it will have a bite gone before the picture happens.

If you have been contacted by me to read over about this event…please head to the next blog post. I just wanted to get another post in as a bit of an update.

I can’t wait to hear from you about this….followers or owners!

Check out Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, I update regularly and there is usually lots of customer interaction. The best part of doing this blog and spending my time sharing the love of local is hearing…..”I tried _______because of you….it was AMAZING!”

I do this to keep our community going…supporting local businesses and friends is so important!

#thingsIlearnedfromdeliciouslybitchy #deliciouslybitchynightin

The Event You Don’t Want To Miss

Ahh, I see you’ve made your way here…..welcome!

If you own a local business I’m glad I’ve cought your attention! Keep reading!

If you are a visitor…..share this blog post with everyone you know ūüôā

If ¬†you know it or not.. we’ve met. I’ve eaten at your restaurant, I’ve noshed on treats from your bakery, I’ve bought something from your shop or we’ve met through all things local. There’s something on my blog about you or your stuff has made an appearance at Deliciously Bitchy Night In.

“What is that?” ¬†you ask…. it’s a pretty amazing night of all things food and drink! Think local only potluck. Each guest has brought a dish to share from their favourite place and we fill our faces and stomachs with delicious goodness in the support of all the places Brantfordians (and surrounding areas) have to offer in this fine city.

The first #dbni was a surprising turnout of about 22 people, not bad considering I had in my head a couple of friends might show. The second #dbni “Let’s Eat Out” grew by just a bit….ok double. I was fortunate enough to have the local pizza spot Maria’s Pizza and Pastry West donate her establishment which in turn meant a bigger space. I had to set a limit on the number of people and had a few upset that didn’t make the cut. ¬†This time around I’m hoping to find a larger space to accommodate everyone….nobody gets turned away!

So why did I invite you here to read my ramblings? ¬†Well, for #3 I’ve set my sights a bit higher still.

I have visioned this growing into is a mini food show. I am welcoming you to come set up a small table and show off the best of your wares. The difference, ¬†there is no cost to you. Only the food you bring and your time. If you aren’t interested in setting up, come….meet the people that eat your food, socialize and talk to the people that spend their hard earned moola on you. Don’t want to do that either? Send a platter of food, I will gladly pick up and thank you in person. ¬†Would you consider a prize donation? Everything I do is completely funded by myself or donated and I give everything away, nothing is kept for me. I do this because I love to eat and I have a small sewing business of my own so I am fully aware of how important customers and shopping local is.

If you aren’t on this wonderful social media train yet….you’d better get on. With over 1000 combined followers on 3 different platforms and growing everyday…..the reach of my posts is easily seen by thousands. ¬†That’s thousands of people seeing free exposure for you simply because I love you ūüôā

So what do you say?

Check out Instagram,  Facebook and Twitter see what you think.

#thingsilearnedfromdeliciouslybitchy #deliciouslybitchynightin

#eatlocal #drinklocal #shoplocal we all know it’s important, ¬†now show your customers how much you care!

I can not WAIT to hear from you – sewthat@outlook.com

*please note, I’m still researching free venus but I have to get the ball rolling somehow!*

This mug


This mug speaks volumes as to what I need to learn.

I am fully convinced social media was created purely to make others feel like shite. ¬†It’s far too easy to compare yourself to others based on the amount of “likes” alone. The craving for more of these hollow “likes” always makes you feel less.

THAT blogger has an amazing following and some how has managed to turn a fun project into a blazing reality of popularity….where ever they go it’s like “NORM” from Cheers. THAT sewer has a huge following and is a Maker and goes to all the vendor shows and can’t keep up with production and sends out products all over the world on a daily basis. ¬†These are the ultimate goals…right?!

I am fully aware I will never become “Norm” and although I don’t want to put a value on my sewing business, I don’t have high hopes of becoming one of the well knowns. My reality is that neither of these “ultimate goals” currently fit in to my life.

I am polar opposites to my husband in food and drinks. Our tastes are totally different. I like having 1 really good, well made local beer…..he enjoys a few that go down like water. I love watching The Food Network, ¬†he enjoys any station relating to sports. He’s full on 10 on the heat/spicy scale….I’m a total 0. Opposites clearly attract in “real” life (our 10th anniversary is coming but a total of 17 years together) but for the life of a food blogger….I’m limited. I don’t get chances to go to events or places I would like to because not only him but my friends too, aren’t typically in to beer. (Food shows are another story!) It’s also hard to find time to get together when we all have to arrange for sitters!

As a sewer, I’ve created a little business to keep me busy. I have my own room to create in but I am usually staring at Minecraft toys or video game cases or cutting around the growing population of stuffies amongst the ever present distraction of “Mom, I’m hungry” “Mom, the computer won’t work” “Mom, come look in the toilet”(I’m sure that’s his fave) ¬†and the classic “Mom, watch me!” I can’t sew for more than 1 full quiet hour and usually only get in some solid sewing in the early morning hours before we head out to keep occupied with kid friendly events or friends.

I need this mug as a reminder that I need to work within my means and that my regular followers like what I do. I can’t compare myself to the foodie world traveler or the Maker with no child that sews for 12 hours straight. I started both of these adventures for me. I expected nothing but I have gained supporters and regulars, some which have become real life friends.

Deliciously Bitchy is popular because it’s honest. What you see is what I got. I don’t stage my plate and I’m completely honest in every word.

My sewing is popular because the stuff I create is freaking great! I make my own patterns and come up with original ideas! My quality has improved tremendously from when I started over 4 years ago.

My page “likes” grow by a few each week which is great. I refuse to pay for Facebook to decide who will see my pages, I rely purely on word of mouth.

My stuff is good and I’m having fun! Neither of these were created to go somewhere, they were created because I love it!

¬†I need to learn to stop comparing myself to others…..

THEY should compare themselves to me!

Jules and Julia-esque

That fate-filled day in November where I was greeted at work by being handed an envelope (along with everyone else), I thought was my dream. I thought I’d be living the life of the Stay-At-Home-Mom I always wanted to be. I thought I would have the chance to clean my house for the first time since mat leave. I thought I could get my small sewing business off the ground a bit more. I thought I would have more time with my kidlet and husband. I thought I could make more dinners at home instead of eating out all the time. I thought…..I can do whatever I want and answer to no one.

Well, it’s all true.

I will /can/have done all of that.

The constant looming threat of eventually having no money is always hanging over my head but I am fully confident we will manage.

Some days I clean. Some days I sew. Some days I cook a great supper with a little dessert on the side.

Some days I bake. ¬†I love to bake and usually find myself ¬†straying from the usual recipe mixing it up to become my own delicious creation. I have a decently vast selection of cookbooks I have collected throughout the years. Some I purchased while dating in hopes of owning my own kitchen in a house with my husband. ¬†Some are old magazine subscriptions and books from my favourite Food Network stars and some came as hand-me-downs from my mom. One in particular. ¬†I didn’t get the Five Roses cookbook like my sister got with the good chocolate chip cookie recipe or the go to mac and cheese. I got “The Joy Of Cooking” c1964.

I pulled it down one afternoon when I was feeling adventurous enough to try a new recipe, I dusted it off and opened it up. I suddenly felt like Amy Adams in the girlie movie “Jules and Julia” -Frustrated with a soul-killing job, blogger Julie embarks on a project to prepare all 524 recipes from Julia Child’s “Mastering The Art Of French Cooking”.

Flipping through I found : pg 87 Potato Salad. Yep, I could do that.

Pg 291 Scalloped Potatoes.  Yep, this might not be so hard after all.

Then pg 449 happened. Head Cheese or Brawn. A calf head. “Clean teeth with stiff brush, remove ears, brains, eyes, snout and most of the fat.”

That’s exactly where I got derailed. Not gonna happen.

Ok. Pg 211 has a nice recipe for pancakes like my kidlet was asking for but…..I have some Aunt Jemima in the cupboard. ¬†My gung-ho turned into -add 1c milk and 1 egg.

Apparently they were the best pancakes ever!

Sometimes you have to lose in order to get the win.

The Little Blogger That Could….

So why write a blog surrounding something that millions of people already do? I’m not a writer, I’m not a¬†connoisseur of fine foods (honestly, I don’t even have a nice enough outfit to go out to a dinner if it means I can’t wear my “good” jeans) I don’t have dreams of “going viral”, getting paid or even a tv deal.

I simply like food.

Food is always there, good or bad.

You can’t get away from it so why not enjoy it? Yes, this comes from someone who weighs 100lbs soaking wet and can’t gain no matter how much or what I eat. Am I lucky to be able to have a connection with food like that? Yes. In my past, I have been called anorexic and told I must be sick. This is slightly just as mean as being called fat. The self-conscious after thought is just the same and just as damaging. When you stop listening to the toxic mouth garbage of others and decide not to care, you look at food in a whole other way.

The careful balance between good and bad is a very fine line. I don’t crave chocolate and cake and bars and cookies like others do but I can demolish a bag of chips in less time then it takes to watch a movie. If I find that my week has been full of crap dinners and snacks, I go into what I call “Whopper Regret”. You know, that feeling of barf-tastickness while it’s going down and then 1/2 hr later, total regret. That’s when it’s time to binge on health.

Food is literally part of the story of my life.

Sometimes I dream of the food I ate on my dream trip to California. That quest I have been on to recreate the most satisfying Tuna Melt I have ever devoured in my life. The most perfectly grilled soft bread, fresh chunks of tuna, perfectly melted but not gross cheddar cheese and all topped off with crunchy green apple slices. It also brings back the most perfect afternoon driving up the highway with the most beautiful coastline views.

The plate of roasted chicken I never ate at New York, New York on the Vegas Strip. I was too busy with a wondering mind of shock from just getting proposed to.

The ever popular Dole Whip from the classic -let’s drive the whole family down to Florida and go to Disney- trip. The exhaustion of a full day of watching my kid have the time of his life, sitting at sundown, watching people have their version of the best day ever. The best $4.50 ever spent.

The dinners we ate before concerts, the pickle races on the windows, beer shared with minor rock stars, the restaurants we met our friends at, celebrated birthdays, weddings, kids and life at.

I’ve become friends with food. It is, was and always will be there. So now…….let’s eat!